Residential schools are often considered as home-away- from- home because they tend to provide a secure environment. In the same way Glentree Academy, Bangalore is the best school with top boarding facilities in the city. We at Glentree, look at student residence as the strength of the school. At Glentree Academy we deliver an environment that makes the child self-reliant and independent. Glentree Academy has taken the extra step to carefully and thoughtfully curate services and facilities to be the best school with hostel facilities in Bangalore. The hostel ecosystem at Glentree Academy ensures that the students get a homely feeling and helps break monotony and bond with their peers.

GR International School- Managed by Glentree Academy is the best school in Bangalore which offer hostel facilities for both boys and girls from Grade IV. The hostel is built within the secure and tranquil environment which instills in the students confidence, courage, self-esteem and fearlessness which makes them far-sighted of the worldly life ahead of them. In addition to being the best school with hostel facilities in the city, Glentree Residential Academy extends its facilities into lending academic support to students based on their academic performance. The hostel fee for the year is payable in advance before admission into the hostel. Only on provision of the receipt to the Warden the admission into the hostel can be made. The hostel fee once paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


Glentree Academy provides exceptional boarding facilities and makes residing at Glentree a pure joy and comfort. Graded as the best school with hostel facilities Glentree has stood as a testimony to this phrase.

The girls and boys have distinct blocks with a fixed capacity. They also have access to range of accommodation options from which they are allowed to choose based on their convenience. The students have facilities like spacious and vibrant bedrooms, well-furnished study rooms, hot and cold water facilities, 24/7 surveillance and security, parent helplines and an adequately designed menu to cater to the needs for the students.  In addition to all of this the other amenities include;

24×7 Wi-Fi connectivity provided in all hostels

CCTV cameras at entrances of all hostels and foyer inside the campus

electricity and water supply in all the hostels

Full-fledged canteen

Caretakers and housekeeping services are provided in all hostels during day and night

A scaled-down version of Gyms



Glentree Academy is not only the best school with hostel facilities, but also provides best of the academic facilities. Glentree Academy ensures that the students focus on academics as much as they do in their extra-curricular. There are adequate number of study rooms to ensure that students have ample time to cover their portions and be well-prepared for their tests and exams. Every student has a table and chair and is monitored by the warden during their study time.


The hostel rooms are furnished in way that suits the desires of the student. Every suite is spacious enough and comes with a cot, bed, storage desks, tables and chairs. With a variety of choices the students have ample amenities in double and four occupancy room with attached bathrooms having hot and cold water facilities.

security in residential school


Each residential hall is surrounded with trained security staff round the clock.  We ensure that there are constant surveillances of the activities of the students with the CCTV cameras set around the campus. There are also additional parent helplines and hotline numbers that can be used by parents and students in time of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.


Cleanliness and Sanitation is the key at Glentree Academy. The housekeeping and maintenance staff continue to work ceaselessly around the clock by cleaning the suites every day at a designated time and ensure that common areas like study rooms, bathrooms, gyms and canteens are neat and tidy.



The parents of our students are the most important members of the Glentree Community. The parents of the boarding kids can meet their wards on weekends and other public holidays. In times of emergencies or any other unanticipated situations the parents can make arrangements to meet their wards on obtaining permission.


The best school with hostel facilities in the city also adds another feather to its cap. The Glentree Residential Academy has the Residential Sports Academy with various sports ranging from Football to Basketball to many indigenous sports. The students also have ample time every day to practice sports relax and unwind after a hard day of work and toil.

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“Health is Wealth” they say, here at Glentree we place prime focus to the health of our students. The school has a well- equipped and functional infirmary. They also provide First Aid services with limited outpatient medical facilities. The infirmary is run and managed under the guidance of qualified, experienced and licensed nurse and a lady medical officer. The infirmary services are also available on call during emergency.


“You are what you eat” at Glentree we serve the most hygienic, nutritious and delicious meals on time to the students. We have an adequately designed menu incorporating the recommendations made by the Mess Representative Committee consisting of student representatives from various ethnic backgrounds. The menu endlessly rolls out Breakfast, Lunch, Special Snacks and Dinner having both the cuisines of our country.



The hostel in Glentree Academy is equipped with a modern gym with several facilities suitable to students of all ages. The gym is stocked up with the latest and finest training equipment. The students here enjoy their workout sessions in a modern and sophisticated environment.


At Glentree Academy flexibility is key.  We offer full year boarding facilities, weekly and other flexi-based boarding facilities. The students can use the hostel services from Mondays to Fridays and get back to their homes during weekends. This weekly boarding usually appeals to students who reside far away from schools and to be day scholars. Otherwise, the students usually take up the full year boarding facilities and transition into being independent and mindful learners.

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