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About Glentree CBSE Residential School

Glentree CBSE Residential School is a world of its own, where your child will be nurtured and encouraged to be all he or she aspires to be. We strive to create a fine balance between co-curricular activities and academic opportunities. We at Glentree Academy do it by integrating the philosophy of Stay, Play, and Learn.

When it comes to STAY, we offer a free-standing residential campus with abounding facilities. Coming to Play, we impart some of the finest sports with professional coaches in our inbound Residential Campus. In the Learn initiative, we proudly say that Glentree Academy is one of the leading CBSE Residential School in the city of Bangalore, with the motto “Learning for Life”.

Why is Glentree Residential School the most preferred school for your child?

Glentree Academy provides exceptional boarding facilities and makes residing at Glentree a pure joy and comfort. Graded as the best school with hostel facilities Glentree has stood as a testimony to this phrase.

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I believe that our Education System with its multiple stress on ‘core’ subjects has compelled us to believe that if we do not score marks, we have not learnt or that we are ‘poor learners’.

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Glentree CBSE Residential Sports Academy goes a step ahead in serving sports as basic extracurricular activities. Rather we look at sports as a medium through which children master the skills of communication, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, management, and commitment.

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Admission Guidelines

  • Please fill out the Glentree application form for registration. Application forms are available online
  • The list of required documents is listed on the form. Kindly do not leave any field empty.
  • Please ensure prompt arrival at the venue on the scheduled date.
  • The school desires to conduct an interaction during the registration process.
  • Admission is based solely on merit.
  • Parents will receive intimation with regard to the admission status.
  • If the parents do not wish to go forward with the admission the seat will be passed on to the next candidate on the list.
  • Please contact us at 7676 31 0000 for further details. We’d be happy to answer your queries.


  • "Maithili has improved a lot. She has started framing correct sentences, talking to new people, recognizing letters and numbers. We are quite happy.”

    Madhava Rao Chirukuri - Parent
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