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Home, Away From Home?

To quote B.B. King “The most beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”. Education is the asset of an individual which can never ever be taken away from him or her. Education plays a major role in transforming and molding the life of an individual.  Education over the decades has evolved and transformed by adapting rightly to the changing needs and environment. In those archaic times, the teachers would teach the students with very little regard to their needs. But over the period of time with the vast change in the field of education, the system has evolved from the Gurukul System of Education to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’S) making great achievements in the field of Online Education.

The Indian Education System has been constantly criticized for being very monotonous and practical and is often stated that it does not serve any purpose in real life. Though there are several types of disparities in our education system, parents of today still prefer to admit their children into schools which have a blend of both the ancient and modern techniques so that their children can get the best of both world. Coming to schools and their admissions, the list goes endless. But what are the factors that determine the “Best School”? What does a parent need to look into first when getting their child admitted in a school? Do only extra-curricular activities or sports form a part of facilities in a school? Several questions like these bombard the mind of parents while choosing the “Best School” for their beloved ones.

Parents today think that giving the best education for their kids goes by the number of ratings or stars the school has online, but that’s not how it has to go. While selecting schools there are several factors that need to be looked at, we’ve graphically represented them below. 

Structure of Glentree residential school

Considering the factors mentioned above, the “Best School” must definitely inhibit all these characteristics into it. These factors is not always visible on the open front to the parents when they decide on getting their child admitted into a school, the parent must be able to identify these rightly and give their best to their children.

Looking at our very own state Karnataka, there have been some of the finest educational institutions providing quality education since the colonial era. The city of Bangalore is home to these esteemed institutions and has been providing an environment that has always placed prime importance to their growth and development. There are several schools that claim to be working towards such standards, but the best schools are only a handful.

Such is Glentree Academy, one of the best CBSE residential school in the city of Bangalore. Founded in the year 2015, the school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and now has three distinct campuses at prime locations of the city Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, and Kanakapura. Founded by Mr. Vittal Bhandary and Preeti Bhandary in 2015, Glentree Academy is one of the most promising brands in the field of education. Glentree Academy is proud of the several accreditations that it has achieved over a short period of time, the credit undoubtedly goes to the students, staff, and most importantly the parents who made the right choice to choose Glentree Academy. Glentree Academy through these several years has brought about the best of the facilities for its students to ensure that they acquire knowledge, master skills, transform and remold themselves into a well-learned individual to face this real-time world.

There are several innovations, methods and strategies that are being discovered on a periodic basis that have made the field of education much more advanced and at the same time ensuring it is compatible to students of all ages and which becomes more appealing to the society. One such recently picking up initiative is the “Boarding Facility” which is also popularly called as “Residential Schools”. Residential Schools have been on the run lately and have been proved to be better than day schooling. This concept of ‘Residential Schooling’ was introduced in the late 1880’s where children who came from disrupted environments were protected and taken care of. It became the responsibility of these institutions thereof to carry on this service and protect the lives of millions of children who are being subjected to harsh conditions of living. Residential Schools had housing facilities for both boys and girls with uniform rules and regulations ensuring that those children grow into matured and disciplined adults. In today’s world every parent dreams of giving their child the best schooling experience which would give them a brighter future. They wish that their kids are put in the right school for a secure and sound future.

In a city like Bangalore the best residential school are only a few, Glentree Academy tops the list.  Glentree CBSE Residential School located in Kanakapura Road is the right choice for parents looking for ‘the best residential school’ for their kids. The campus of Glentree Residential School located in Kanakapura is a serene and calm environment. Spread over an area of 6.5 acres the campus is called “The Green Residential Campus”. A stroll around the Residential School campus would make one feel astonished of the lush green trees and the fresh breath of air encircling the campus. The school has several feathers to its cap. The residential school follows the curriculum laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It has a very well-equipped and efficient faculty and state of the art facilities for its students. Glentree Residential School is an institution that is not solely guided by technology but is a blend of both modern and indigenous teaching methods. Glentree CBSE Residential School not only ensures that students have sharp academic skills but at the same time make sure that they excel in extra-curricular activities as well. Glentree Academy provides the right environment where the children benefit from the best possible education, having great amount of mental and moral support.

Glentree Residential School has outstanding facilities that makes the students here feel at home, when they are away from their home. The hostel ecosystem is designed in such a way that the students become highly-individualized, strengthen their social skills and become more responsible, resourceful and resilient in nature. The Glentree CBSE Residential School has guided by a unique initiative like none other. The Stay, Play and Learn initiative is one of the most important aspects of schooling at Glentree Residential School.

concept of glentree residential school

Looking at the Stay initiative, Glentree Residential School offers the best hostel facilities with numerous facilities. The Play initiative at the residential school offers sports like Basketball, Football and other indigenous sports. It also has a residential sports academy teaming up with some of the best sporting academies in the city  and gives the students sports as not only as an extra-curricular activity but integrates academics along with it. With the Learn initiative, Glentree Academy is guided by its motto- “Learning for Life”. Under this Learn initiative Glentree Academy has specifically designed and curated an independent curriculum for its student at primary, middle and high school levels.

Focusing on student housing the Glentree Hostel is perfectly designed to ensure that students get a homely feeling and create a bond with their peers. The several facilities that are available to the students are shown below.  

Facilities of Glentree Residential school

In addition to the features above the Glentree Residential Academy also has several other facilities that makes the students here feel secure and at home. They are enlisted below;

  • Study Rooms – In addition to being a residential school, Glentree Academy also ensures that the students are able to sharpen their academic skills. Alongside residence, there are several study rooms where the students spend their time every day in completing their daily dose of homework, assignments, and learning monitored by the Warden.
  • Room Furnishing – The suites are spacious, ventilated, and vibrant and come with enough desks, chairs, and tables. The students have a choice to pick from double or four occupancy rooms.
  • Safety and Security – Glentree Residential Academy places the safety of the students as their prime concern. The campus is on complete surveillance by several CCTV cameras installed in the campus. There are several parent helpline numbers that are made available to the parents where they can contact their children in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Maintenance and Hygiene- at Glentree Residential Academy sanitation and cleanliness is key. The suites and common areas like bathrooms, study rooms, canteens, and gym are constantly cleaned every day at a designated time.
  • Play Area – Glentree Residential Academy has various sports in addition to the Basketball and Football Academy. The students are given ample time to play and practice these sports where they relax and unwind from a day of work and toil.
  • Medical Care – The Glentree Hostel is well-equipped with a 24/7 functional infirmary. The infirmary is run and managed by licensed doctors and nurses and these services can be availed on call.
  • Canteen – The Glentree Hostel has the most hygienic, nutritious and a well-spread cuisine. The menu is decided by the Mess Representative Committee consisting of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds to ensure that the delicacy of every community is included in the menu.
  • Weekly Boarding – In the Glentree Residential Academy, the students have the choice to opt for weekly boarding. Under this, the students can go back to their homes on weekends and use the hostel services from Monday to Friday. Otherwise, the students can choose yearly boarding and transform into independent and mindful learners.

Overall, Glentree CBSE Residential School is the right choice for the children to grow and blossom into a happy, fulfilled and a well-stimulated child who on his or her own is able to realize their full potential and reap the benefits of the same.

There are several thoughts that arise for a parent while choosing between residential schooling and day schooling. With respect to that, many studies have proved that students who adopt residential schooling seem to be more responsible, liberal minded and confident in character and attitude. Through residential schooling with an institution like Glentree students becomes more engaged, active, and linguistic and work with a clear vision to achieve their goals. Hence Glentree Residential Academy is the only choice for parents aiming to provide the best school for their kids.

 A right choice made today can go a long way in deciding the future of your child!

Written by,

Shirly Christy

Can I visit a boarding school in Bangalore before admission of my child?

Yes, you can visit our boarding school. Kindly call us @ 96321 04378 for admission details.

Do boarding schools in Bangalore conduct online classes?

Yes, we are conducting online classes. Kindly call us for more information.

Do boarding schools in Bangalore allow students to go home during vacation?

Yes, we permit students to go home during summer and winter vacations. kindly check out the stay page for more information.


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