Glentree Academy is graded as the best residential school in Bangalore which has an integrated Basketball program. Here we ensure that the students can discover the talent of this sport and mentor them in the path that makes them realize their true potential. The Glentree Residential School has developed the Basketball Program in a way that the students are given both tactical and technical coaching sheathing all the facets of the sport. The modus operandi involves coaching right from the beginner skills to playing in advanced situations. The methods of mentoring include; ball-handling, shooting, passes, defense, shot clock management, etc.


Acknowledged as the best residential school in Bangalore, Glentree Academy and Pitch Sports have become allies in putting across this sport to the students. The Pitch Sports Academy houses the largest network of basketball players in the country. It is also to be noted that every year the players are being sent to national and international tournaments. They have become leaders in revamping the roots of the basketball landscape and specialize in international style basketball matches and camps. In addition to all this, Pitch Sports is an abode to some of the most proficient, experienced and licensed coaches. Glentree Academy and Pitch Sports make sure that the students master the skill of this sport. A residential school in the city of Bangalore needs to be as thriving as the city is similarly, Glentree Academy being the best makes it certain that the students will participate in 8 tournaments in a year. Moreover, the student with exemplary performance will also be playing for the club team representing at the State Level. Glentree Academy ranked to be the best residential school in Bangalore undertakes the effort to provide the students a route to making them a national player.

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