A residential school committed towards delivering holistic education and balanced development of mind, body and soul
A place where dreams turn into goals and plans turn into reality
An environment that is distinctive, inspiring and challenging all at the same time
An environment that is truly inspiring and challenging

Committed towards delivering personal and social well-being


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Glentree CBSE Residential School is a world of its own, where your child will be nurtured and encouraged to be all he or she aspires to be. We strive to create a fine balance between co-curricular activities and academic opportunities. We at Glentree Academy do it by integrating the philosophy of Stay, Play and Learn. When it comes to STAY, we offer a free-standing residential campus with abounding facilities. Coming to Play, we impart some of the finest sports with professional coaches in our inbound Residential Campus. In the Learn initiative, we proudly say that Glentree Academy is one of the leading CBSE Residential Schools in the city of Bangalore, with the motto “Learning for Life”.

At Glentree Academy, children receive the utmost care encompassing age-appropriate activities focusing on intellectual, physical, cultural, emotional, and social development. The Stay, Play, and Learn initiative provides an interactive and stimulating environment that allows children to socialize with their peers, experience new adventures, and have a structured yet flexible time to play and learn and as a whole register life-long memories of caring and sharing.

At Glentree CBSE Residential School in Bangalore, each student is provided with a student-friendly environment that grooms students into independent, responsible and confident individuals. It helps the student to connect globally to the national and international student community. Being one of the top CBSE Residential School in Bangalore we have redefined the experience of living with spacious and vibrant bedrooms, high-quality furnishings and it is also equipped with modern amenities like Gym, Sick Bay, Wi-Fi, and Parent Helplines that are in par with international hostel standards.




Global Connect
Indian and International Student community

Career & Connections
Events, Mentoring, Internships, brown bag session

Peace of mind
Healthy Meals, Filtered Water, Night Food, Laundry

24×7 CCTV Security and Biometric Access

Gym, Play Zone, Doctor on call, Medical Insurance, Parent Helpline

Lap of love
Comfortable beds, Housekeeping Wifi, Microwave, Washing Machine,


Glentree CBSE Residential Sports Academy goes a step ahead in serving sports as basic extracurricular activities. Rather we look at sports as a medium through which children master the skills of communication, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, management, and commitment. Being one of the Best Boarding Schools in Bangalore we have curated a path by which education and sports are integrated in the right way.



 Glentree Residential School has been ranked the first under the Co-Curricular category, as surveyed by Education Today. At Glentree CBSE Residential School, we create leaders in transforming the grassroots of the basketball landscape since 2011. Pitch Sports is the largest network of basketball players and academies in India. With a growing footprint in India, Pitch Sports currently conducts basketball coaching programs for over 1000 children in 20 locations across Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad. We have our own Residential Sports Academy specializing in international-style basketball camps and tournaments.

At Glentree Residential School, children will receive care that encompasses age-appropriate activities focusing on intellectual, physical, cultural, emotional and social development. Stay, Play Learn allows children a time to socialize with their peers.


At the Glentree CBSE Residential School we provide an environment that is both competitive and learning and at the same time spreads the joy of playing football since 2009. The Football Academy in our school delivers an age-specific curriculum and likewise training by experienced and licensed coaches all these accredited by All India Football Federation.

The Stay, Play, Learn initiative provides an interacting and flexible choice of time that offers both group and individual play. It seeks to provide an environment wherein it is stimulating and effective for the children to register life-long memories of caring and sharing.



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    Home, Away From Home? To quote B.B. King “The most beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”. Education is the asset of an individual which can never ever be taken away from him or her. Education plays a major role in transforming and molding the life of an

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