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files accepted: stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl
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Carter Mclaughlin - 3D printer in San Jose, Ca 95112

Carter Mclaughlin

San Jose, CA 95112

3D printing HK$3.91 /cm³

CAD design HK$195.31 /hour

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About me

Charging by cm3 makes no sense my price is as follows:
material cost ($30-$50/Kg) + $1/print hour

I drive all over the Bay Area for work, so delivery is possible.

When contacting me, please tell me:
your experience with printing
are you more interested in quality or speed?
What are the measurements of your object? I will charge for any scaling errors that are not my fault.

I am not super experienced, so I will not charge for any failed prints IF they are simple. For intricate designs/poorly made models that I warn you might fail I will charge 50%

I started printing 3/14. If you want cheap, collaborative work, I'm your man. If you want super fast industrial perfection, check back in 6 months :)
I'm not an engineer or an artist. I'm a nurse who is comfortable on my computer and am able to design basic components. Since I'm an amateur, I'm not really comfortable with charging hourly for design - but I am looking for projects to gain experience. I CAN print ABS, but it was so much easier to work with PLA that I have not yet practiced much with ABS.

I am only just learning the limitations of my machine - the official build platform is 13"d X 14"z, but when you get near the edges the quality goes way down.
Check out my photo - the white corners were toward the edge of the print bed and the 45 angle warped a bit. the middle one is printed hollow but filled with hot glue - it's strong cheap and fast, but the slanted edge in the middle collapsed which i can fix. the black one is perfect printed in the middle of the bed. I also plan on experimenting with hollow, resin filled objects for fast, strong printing.

My Services

Rostock Orion Max V2 (Delta) 12" Diameter

3D printer

PLA Plastic

• Black,

• Blue,

• Brown,

• Clear,

• Gold,

• Green,

• Grey,

• Orange,

• Pink,

• Purple,

• Red,

• Silver,

• Tan,

• White,

• Yellow,

• Platform 250 x 250 x 280 (mm)

My Reviews

Wayne R.

Parts made the next day. Quick and easy responses to questions and quote.

5 out of 5